We need YOUR HELP to keep MOVING Kern County!

Give the gift of movement and dance - donate to KDA TODAY!

By contributing to KDA, you can BE PROUD of your partnership and role in supporting arts and culture in Kern County.

– We need YOUR HELP to provide more dance/movement therapy programs for those that need behavioral and emotional support.

– We need YOUR HELP to give at risk youth a vision of hope as they are given the chance to dance.

– We need YOUR HELP to offer the families of children with disabilities more support to experience the joy of movement.

– We need YOUR HELP to give young girls increased confidence by exploring STEM careers through dance.

– We need YOUR HELP to dismantle illiteracy in Kern County by encouraging more children to read through dance.

– We need YOUR HELP to motivate Kern County dancers to DREAM BIG!

– We need YOUR HELP to ensure arts and culture are elevated in Kern County!

KDA Encourages YOU to GIVE. . .

"Supporting KDA this giving season is crucial because it's about more than just dance—it's about giving every child the chance to see themselves represented and welcomed in the arts. KDA's commitment to equity in thought and practice ensures that every young artist can dream, dance, and aspire, fostering a more inclusive and vibrant artistic community for all. Your support helps create a world where every child's potential can shine on the stage of possibility."
Krissy Warren
KDA Board Member
"As I reflect on the significance of this season of giving, my heart swells with gratitude for the profound impact that the Kern Dance Alliance has had on my life and our community. It is not merely an organization; it is a beacon of inspiration, a source of hope, and a testament to the transformative power of dance. I give to KDA not just with my resources, but with every beat of my heart, because within the graceful movements of dancers, I find the rhythm of our shared humanity. In every pirouette, I witness the resilience of the human spirit, and in every leap, I see the boundless possibilities that lie ahead for each and every one of us. It has given me more than just the joy of watching a performance—it has given me a sense of belonging, a community that celebrates diversity, and a platform for self-expression that transcends words. KDA is driven by a collective passion so profound that it speaks to the deepest corners of our souls, breaking down barriers and fostering connections that resonate far beyond the stage. As the season of giving approaches, I implore you to open your hearts to the beauty that KDA brings into our lives and the countless lives it touches, shapes, and elevates. KDA is not merely an alliance; it is a family of dreamers, creators, and believers. In giving to KDA, you are not merely supporting an organization; you are investing in the dreams of aspiring dancers, the cultural richness of our community, and the enduring power of art to heal and unite. This Giving Tuesday, let us join hands and dance together in the symphony of generosity. Together, we can ensure that the transformative essence of dance continues to open doors of opportunity, touch hearts, ignite passions, and foster a world where the beauty of movement knows no bounds."
Tiara King, PsD
KDA Board Member
"KDA’s impact on the arts in the Central Valleys have been constructed through the endless support of those that have given to the organization in a variety of ways. KDA is grateful to all of those that have helped us to put our mission in motion and, as we eye a new year, we ask that you give again to ensure 2024 is an even more impactful!"
Andrea Hansen
KDA Executive Director

Kern Dance Alliance is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Tax ID #: 77-0437598

Kern Dance Alliance, PO Box 12407, Bakersfield, CA. 93389

www.kerndance.org, (e) info@kerndance.org, (p) 661.491.5376

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