Kern Dance Alliance (KDA) evolved from the Kern Classical Ballet Company (KCBC).  The KCBC, incorporated in 1996, was initiated to expand understanding and appreciation of ballet through education and performance outreach.   Primarily a performance-based nonprofit, KCBC operated for 10 years before disbanding the ballet company in 2006.  Between 2006 and 2012, KCBC operated as a scholarship organization, providing scholarships to dancers and educators to attend programs of study.

Recognizing that the needs of the Kern dance community had changed, in June 2012 the Board of Directors approved the motion to allow KCBC to change its name and mission. As a result, KCBC was amended with the California Secretary of State in January 2015 and officially became Kern Dance Alliance. KDA officially launched on May 1, 2015.

KDA is an autonomous organization that provides four pillars of resources related to the field of dance:


As an all-volunteer non-profit organization, KDA supports and promotes dance and the arts in Kern County.  KDA uses dance to teach math and literacy, improve life with dementia, encourage respite from the difficult effects of cancer, aid with disabilities, inspire impoverished communities, and motivate dancers to dream big. KDA impacts Kern County by utilizing dance to encourage learning, healthy living, understanding, and tolerance. Through unique programs, KDA incites our community with passion, creativity, empowerment, and innovation.

To date, KDA has served over 60,000 Kern County residents, provided community grants and scholarships, produced over 150 events,  has been highlighted on several media outlets, and has been nominated for six Beautiful Bakersfield Awards.