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Batey Charitable Fund/Batey Homes
Don C. and Diane S. Lake Family
Robert Grimm Family Foundation

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Joan Dezember
Stockdale Podiatry Group
The David A. and Linda A. Cates Family Foundation


Kern Health Systems
Law Offices of Murray Tragish
Sean and Jennifer Maguire


Eileen Buckley
John and Keri Gless
Jarrad and Kellie Merriman
John Stevens
Jon and Wendy Tkac
Wonderful Company



Ability Answering Service
Anthony Vineyards, INC.
Raj Ganguly
Charles T. and Valerie Hashim
Ernie and Barbara Hashim
Detailed Touch Events
Jim Burke Education Foundation

Law Offices of Ray T. Mullen
Mitchell Shaw
Lee Taylor
Tricia Zimmerer




AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP
Katyn Adams
Phylis Adams
Rick and Tonya Antle
Michael and Elizabeth Antongiovanni
Dr. Thomas Armstrong, D.D.S.
Patti Ashby
Gary and Bettina Belter
Cathy Bennett
Heather Benes
Tom and Mary Berry
James Blom
Carlos Board
Eleanor Bowles
Elizabeth Lehr Insurance Agency
Blake and Annika Bowser
Pat Durando Campbell
Janelle Capra
Andrea Chesley
California Resource Corporation
Sheryl Cooper
Mike and Denise Cutbirth
Curtis and Peggy Darling
Teal Darkenwald
Kyli Davis
Pamela Davison
Helena Desmaris
Anne Draucker
Alli Duncan
Mark Durando
Darren Eades
Meredith Faber
Jesse Fairchild
Robert and Cathleen Fairman
Megan Fitzpatrick
Dr. Kim Flachmann
David and Lisa Freselli
GAP Inc.
Eamon Greeley
Angela Fabek
Carol Feil
Jessica Gilbert
Jack Gotcher
Brandon and Katie Grimm
Michael and Andrea Hansen
David Harrington
Chuck and Valerie Hashim
Ron Hashim
Scott and Loretta Hashim
Ally Haynes-Hamblin
Mary Holt
Joel Hoffman
Demetri and Marcie Hronis
Tauna Hunter and Michael Gleason
Katherine Gonzalez
Jonathan and Diana Jackson
Terri Jamieson
Rendy Kabinoff
Tiara King
Karen Kniffen
Suzanne Knosp
Kuzyk Law
Italian Catholic Federation OLPH BR281
Lorilyne Lamacchia
Gilbert LaRoque
Vincent Lee
Shelby Livengood
Brian and Fara Lundin
Anna-Marie Madrigal
Lori Mariani
Jessica Matthews
Charlie McCarthy
Mike and Susan McCoy
Terry and Laurel McMahon
Billie Jo Medders
David Milazzo
Nancy Lynn Miller
Theresa Mitchell
David and Nancy Morrissey
Nancy Neis
Tracy O’Mally
Francis Packer
HW Packer II and NW Packer
Judith Packer
Mark Papasergia
Michael Papasergia
Mildred Papasergia
Ben and Whitney Pascual
Sally Pascual
Heather Pennella
John and Amy Raichelson
Elena Rezai
Jaren and Judith Richardson
Anastasia Rivera
Brandi Root
Sean and Corie Rundle
Jennifer Sampson
Lisa Schmidth
Eric and Nanette Schroeder
Michele Slade
Nesi Sheldon
Matt and Briana Starr
Laura Toomey
Guadalupe Uriarte
Lisa Young
Cynthia Wasco
Lora White
Patricia White
Ted and Katie Whittington
Pat Wilson
Scott Wollschleger
Dan and Sandra Wolf
Laura Wolfe
Bill Wright
KD Vargo
Nicole Villaruz
Suzanne Villaruz