On November 8, 2022, California voters approved Proposition 28, known as The Arts and Music in Schools (AMS) Funding Guarantee and Accountability Act. This legislation mandates the establishment of an ongoing program supporting arts instruction in K–12 schools starting in the 2023–24 academic year.

KDA has been and continues to be at the forefront of championing arts and dance education in Kern County. With the passage of Prop 28, we’ve curated a strategic plan that will uplift the arts in education through research, advocacy, and collaboration. 

~ We are actively engaged in fostering a robust educational landscape by advocating for teacher credentialing in the arts at state universities

~ We are initiating conversations with school districts by proactively promoting awareness and understanding of the implications of Prop 28 to ensure that educators and administrators are well-informed about the opportunities it presents for arts and dance education. 

~ We are ensuring that students know their dance training can lead to fulfilling careers

As a trusted community messenger, KDA will deliver consistent messaging on Prop 28 to reinforce its significance in enhancing arts education in the region.

Through our advocacy efforts at the legislative level, KDA is not only amplifying the importance of arts and dance education but also contributing to the broader dialogue surrounding educational policy. By actively participating in these initiatives, KDA is playing a pivotal role in shaping the educational landscape in Kern County and ensuring that the arts are firmly integrated into the educational fabric for the benefit of students and the community at large.


Are you interested in advancing your arts education career? Prop 28 has presented a unique moment in California’s history where arts education jobs are in high demand. KDA is assisting our education community with filling nearly 15,000 jobs, but in order to get those jobs filled, we need to better understand our community and their education goals.  You are invited to take the KDA Prop 28 Survey – please click the link below!


Join KDA in our efforts to advance arts education in Kern County.  Whether you are just getting started on your educational journey or you are a superintendent of a school district seeking support on arts education implementation, allow KDA to help you along the way!  Our robust dance education team are ready and waiting to give you a hand.  Please email us at info@kerndance.org


Senate Bill 916 – Theatre and Dance Act (TADA!) – On September 27, 2016 Governor Jerry Brown signed the Theatre and Dance Act (TADA!), Senate Bill 916, authorizing single-subject area certification for the two disciplines (Theatre and Dance) as part of the state’s visual and performing arts programs. 

Today, two CSU’s offer a Dance Credential program with many more programs expected to open in the near future.  Visit the links below to learn more about current programs. 


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