5 Steps to Success: Moving your College Dance Application to the Next Level is a program designed for dancers to discover a successful path in preparing and submitting their college dance applications. 5 Steps will provide hands-on, individualized assistance guided by professionals in the field with the intention of informing students and their families about becoming a college dance major or minor. This specialized program will consist of providing the following workshops, seminars, and events:

Step 1: Professional Dance Photography – COMPLETED MARCH 2022

Step 2: Resume Writing Workshops – REGISTRATION NOW OPEN

Step 3: Interview Training Seminars + Mock Interviews 

Step 4: Professional conference featuring faculty from America’s most recognized college and university dance programs

Step 5: College Essay Writing + Review

5 STEPS BONUS: Students that successfully complete the 5 Steps program will be given a FREE Dance Magazine College Guide!


We are so looking forward to being able to offer Kern County the opportunity to acquire professional headshots and dance portraits through Kern Dance Alliance’s 5 Steps to Success: Moving your College Dance Application to the Next Level program!

This event is the first in a series of services and learned consulting that will take place throughout 2022, aimed to assist college-bound dance students in the arduous process of higher education admissions — photography, resume writing, interview training, professional workshops, and essay writing + reviewing.

Step #1 is meant to provide dancers with an opportunity to obtain professional headshots and dance photos for their applications. Such photos are required by most college dance programs and photos shot by an expert in dance photography will help feature the dancer in the best way possible. Start your application with success by obtaining the audition photos you need, from headshots to arabesque photos, professional dance photographer Nancy Lynn Miller will help you get the perfect shot. 

The photography event, however, is open to the whole community so, even if you’re not applying to college, and at whatever age or stage you’re at in your dance career, you’re more than welcome to participate in booking a photography session, March 18 – 20.


Friday, March 18 – 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Saturday, March 19 – 10:00 am – 12:30 pm

Sunday, March 20 – 11:00 am – 1:30 pm

Please note these are broken down in to 20 minute sessions.

We’re releasing these initial time slots to start but if there’s interest (if these all book up) we may release additional time slots.

Kindly select the desired day and time on the calendar and follow the prompts to schedule and process payment for your session to complete the booking. You will receive a confirmation email, as well as subsequent email and text reminders/questions, doing our very best to ensure that your session goes as smoothly as possible. Please contact us if you do not receive a confirmation: nancym@kerndance.org


~ $75 KDA Members + FREE 8×10 print | $75 Non-Members *

~ 20-minutes in and around MESH CoWork

~ Minimum of 50 proofs in an online proofing gallery

~ 4 final edited files delivered as high res and web optimized

Each mini session will include 20 min of total shooting time for one person — quick costume changes can be interspersed and it’s suggested to limit outfits to two, maximum. Your session begins at your scheduled start time with about 5-7 minutes of “off” time allotted for altering your look and/or walking to different backdrops.

Please arrive at least 5 min before your scheduled time slot to get checked in (10 minutes early if you still need to warm up your body for dance movement). We will proceed VERY quickly to make the most of your session time. Nancy will gently direct you during the session, but please come prepared with your required /desired looks and poses.

This special event package will yield a minimum of 50 online proofs (best of the best) and you may select up to 4 final images for editing. (There are also rates for adding more images if desired.)

*As a courtesy to our community, KDA is subsidizing the 5 Steps Professional Dance Photography packages. We recognize that professional photography can be very expensive, and, in fact, a package such as this is valued at $350, but we believe that in order to succeed it is imperative that we make these promotional packages economically viable.


MESH Cowork is a collaborative workspace where small businesses, remote workers, startups, and students connect, create amazing work, and conquer their goals. They provide communal workspace, dedicated desks, private offices, and conference rooms. 

We are honored to have them on board as an Official Kern Dance Alliance Sponsor this year and to utilize their beautiful spaces for this photography event, indoors and out. https://www.meshcowork.com/en


Due to the tight scheduling of this unique promotional event (and as a courtesy to those who may be scheduled after you), if you are late for your session time, you will forfeit those precious minutes and only have the minutes remaining in your 20 min time slot to shoot. There may be an option to tack your session on to the end of the day’s slots, but there is no guarantee that will be feasible.


If you must cancel your session, kindly do so no later than 24 hours out from your scheduled time so that we may have the opportunity to offer the time slot to someone else. You can receive a full refund if you cancel before 24 hours.


We understand life happens, but due to the promotional nature and the greatly reduced rates of these professional photography sessions, we cannot provide a refund for cancellations made within 24 hours of your session or if you do not show up at all. Your paid fee will be retained by KDA as a credit that can be used towards future paid events or membership fees. (The photographer lives in Phoenix, Arizona, so she is not able to make up the sessions outside of the event weekend.)


Step #2: Dance Resume Writing

The Dance Resume… a one-page snapshot of your dedication to the art of dance. Whether you are applying for college, a new job, or need help updating your current dance resume, this FREE event is for YOU! While most resumes detail a majority of the same information, not all dance resumes are created equal. A dancer must consider the program or type of employment they are seeking and then craft their resume to meet the requirements of the position. For instance, a dancer applying for a specific casting role may list a different skill set than the dancer applying for college. The key to all resume writing is that you list the MOST IMPORTANT information pertinent to the desired job.  

Join KDA and a panel of dance resume writing experts to lead you through the process of creating your most entcing resume. Step 2 of the 5 Steps for Success program is meant to help YOU craft your resume to be the greatest representation of work. 

Looking for some help to prepare your resume? Check out “THE DANCE RESUME” published by KDA in 2015.  This article will give you a few tips to begin writing your resume today!

Link: THE DANCE RESUME  (once you are on the web, click the “Business of Dance” box)

Nail your next interview by participating in FREE coaching sessions led by expert interview specialists.

Step 3 will focus on preparing you for your upcoming interview by providing you with tips and tricks to be confidently YOU! Workshops and live, in-person mock interviews will provide you with the tools to succeed.

Check back soon for more information.

In the meantime, explore how dancing makes you smarter! Published in 2015, “DANCE YOUR WAY SMARTER – The effect of dance on the brain” will show you how neuron synapses experienced from dance will increase your IQ!

Link: DANCE YOUR WAY SMARTER – The effect of dance on the brain  (once you are on the web, click the “Dance Science Center” box)


What better way to learn about dancing your way through college than to participate in a professional workshop featuring dance faculty and alumni from American colleges and universities?

This special event will provide you with mock audition classes,  breakout sessions focused on how to apply for college as well as life in college as a dancer,  Q/As designed specifically for parents and guardians to ask questions about college dance majors and minors, specific information about grants, scholarships, loans, and more!

Check back soon for more information.

In the meantime, check out how a few of our favorite professional dancers (who are all from Bakersfield!) cope with life as a dancer! “LIFE ON STAGE” features advice from Tiler Peck, Sasha Mallory, Mason Trueblood, and Geoffrey Kropp!

Link: LIFE ON STAGE  (once you are on the web, click the “Feature Story” box)



We’ve been there!  You read your first college essay prompt and wonder where to begin.  KDA is here to help save the day by offering college essay writing and reviewing workshops for FREE.  Allow our college educated experts to provide you with feedback on your written essays. Don’t know the difference between a semi-colon and a colon? Curious about how to create an introductory paragraph with logical points to support your thesis?  Is your essay complete and you are ready for feedback?  Step 5 is meant to help you excel in writing with the intent to impress college admissions with your application! 

Check back soon for more information.

In the meantime, enjoy a tasty meal aimed at providing you with optimal strength. “COMPLEX CARBS IN ONE EASY BURGER” will fill and fuel you up for your next performance!

Link: COMPLEX CARBS IN ONE EASY BURGER (once you are on the web, click the “The Nutrition Solution”)


Nancy Miller, KDA Director of Creative + Visual Design, will be your professional photographer for this event! Nancy is a former dancer, herself, and in 2022, is celebrating 15 years in business as a graphic designer and photographer. Creative headshots and professional lifestyle portraits are her absolute favorite of the services she offers and she strives to bring out the most authentic YOU that she possibly can while also satisfying the formal, official needs for the portraits.



According to the most recent census data, Kern County experiences lower percentages of college educated individuals as compared to other counties in California. Furthermore, Kern County is especially underserved with respect to higher education opportunities for dancers and other creatives to learn about pathways of acquiring a higher education in dance. There are no local college fairs for dancers and high school fairs rarely focus on the arts. While online fairs are available, they are often very expensive which can exclude dancers from our economically disadvantaged areas.  5 Steps to Success; Moving Your College Dance Application to the Next Level will offer students an opportunity to understand the vast landscape of colleges and universities that offer dance as a major and HOW students can be successful at attending one of those schools, and how a college dance major will serve them beyond their academic years.

5 STEPS PROGRAM VISIONARY + DIRECTOR, Victoria Marchetti, KDA Junior Board Member

Victoria Marchetti has been dancing for 12 years.  She currently trains with Civic Dance Center and is a principal dancer with the Bakersfield City Ballet. Victoria has attended several summer dance programs including Ballet West, Idyllwild Arts, and California Ballet. She enjoys many styles of dance, has recently begun teaching ballet to children, and is developing an interest in dance and film studies. She was recently accepted to the San Luis Obispo Film Festival as a part of the REELS Challenge. As a student at Liberty High School, she is a member of the Associated Student Body and is involved in NHS, NHES, NHHS, Cinema Club, Link Crew, Chess Club, and CSF. Victoria loves performing and finds joy being on stage. She has participated in KDA events such as Books in Motion, National Dance Day, and many KDA master classes. Victoria is excited to work with KDA on this project and help current high school students find a way to dance through college.

"As a high school student, I am beginning my college application process. I found that there are not many resources available to assist students with their college dance applications. I created 5 Steps because wanted to support Kern County dancers so they realize they have support from KDA as they create their own successful college application that will hopefully result in acceptance in to a higher education dance program!”
Victoria Marchetti
KDA Junior Board Member


March Consulting is a Kern County based educational consulting firm that has helped over 550 students navigate the college admissions process, earning a collective $26 million in scholarships and thousands of acceptances to colleges all over the country. Our focus is to help each student find the best fit colleges and opportunities, reducing the cost of college by finding school-based scholarships for great financial fit, guiding students in showcasing their unique qualities and stories, and navigating the admissions process. Our goal is to make the college application process simple, streamlined, and stress-free.

With more than 25 years of collective college consulting, teaching, and tutoring experience, March Consulting is your one-stop college advisor shop for all things college admissions, paying for college, and career planning.

As a 5 Steps partner, March Consulting will be providing students and families with informational videos aimed at assisting the college admissions process. Check out  the first video below!

March Consulting will also be participating in the professional conference this summer by hosting several in-person workshops!