Paso A Paso. . . Life is a Dance
Fridays, April 3 – May 8, 2020
4:30-6:30 PM
KDA Dance Studio at Garces Memorial High School

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Paso A Paso . . .  Life is a Dance is a FREE after-school confidence-building program geared towards high school Latinas. Paso a Paso empowers girls by teaching them that life is a dance and it is necessary to learn the right steps to achieve success. Girls will utilize dance to create a support system of sisterhood while becoming empowered through life-skills workshops. Paso a Paso applications open March .


About Paso a Paso:

Paso a Paso will be taught over 6 weeks and will feature guest speakers and dancing. Girls will partake in life skills building workshops for the first hour of the program, followed by Latino dance instruction taught by a professional Latin dancer for the second hour.  The dance classes will inspire confidence and cultural understanding as the participants learn to express themselves through Bachata.

Paso a Paso Dance Instructor Bio:

Alex Leyva is the founder and director of Prism Dance Project. She has taught dance for more than seven years, and though she has been invited to teach Salsa and Cumbia in different cities, her passion is within Traditional and Modern Bachata. She travels frequently, domestically and abroad, to attend dance festivals and learn from the world’s best dancers. Her aim is to build strong foundations and technique that will allow students to develop their own style. She believes that dance should be fun, accessible to all, and that a true dancer never stops learning. 

Paso a Paso Calendar:

2020 Paso a Paso Guest Speakers Will Be Announced Soon!

April 3
Step One- Building Your Brand (Personal Presentation, Resume, Interview, College Admissions Training). Bachata Dance Instruction + Choreography

April 10
Step Two- Mindful Mental Health (How to handle internal and external pressure). Bachata Dance Instruction + Choreography

April 17
Step Three- The Basics of Life (Change a Tire, How to Use Jumper Cables, Grocery Shop). Bachata Dance Instruction + Choreography

April 24
Step Four- Financial + Cyber Security (Maintain a Budget/Bill Pay, Credit Building, Social Meeting Protection, Scams + Fraud). Bachata Dance Instruction + Choreography

May 1
Step Five- Leadership + Entrepreneurial Skills. Bachata Dance Instruction + Choreography

May 8
Step Six- Final Presentation + Bachata Performance

A typical Paso a Paso Day:

  • Snacks and Bonding –  Program directors check in with students, review the prior week’s experience, talk about problems they are experiencing and identify steps to overcome challenging scenarios at school or in their personal life. 
  • Guest Speaker – A new life-skills topic is introduced through lecture and hands on lessons- activities are designed to teach concepts in a new way and excite girls about material. 
  • Dance – Girls learn a dance from an experienced dancer, including a dancer’s warm up, practice technical dance exercises, and rehearse choreography that will be performed in the final performance. Attitude, confidence, teamwork, and dedication will be emphasized. 
  • Small Group Mentoring – Students join program director and guest speaker to review lessons taught and create a plan for implementing new tools developed. 

Paso a Paso Goals: 

The goals of Paso a Paso is to empower young girls through the mentorship of experienced female leaders in the community and through dance classes/performance. The weekly steps are focused on guiding the young women towards a future path of success.

Paso a Paso goals include:

  • Confidence building
  • Cultural awareness 
  • Life-skills training
  • Learning a new dance
  • Self love
  • Independence
  • Sisterhood
  • Guidance for success

Paso a Paso Application and Recruitment:

Paso a Paso is open to all Kern County high school female Latina students. 

Paso a Paso applications are available via an online application through the Kern Dance Alliance website.  The Paso a Paso committee will review all applications and invite applicants to participate in the program.

Paso a Paso recruitment is done via partnerships with KCSOS, public and private high schools, Latino-based for profit and non-profit organizations. A  marketing campaign beginning March 1, 2020 will include a press release to all media (TV and print), a social media campaign via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and Kern County dance studios will post Paso a Paso posters. 

Paso a Paso Application Deadline: March 23

Paso A Paso Application