NEWSLETTER — December 2018

Over 8500 community members reached, new programs launched, scholarships provided, and a second Beautiful Bakersfield Award nomination- 2018 was full of rewarding and impactful experiences for Kern Dance Alliance.  KDA invites you to read our 2018 Year In Review – a wrap up of all our programs and partnerships all in the name of service to the arts in Kern County.

KDA is busy preparing for the launch of our 2019 season! Are you interested in receiving the 2019 KDA Season Brochure- sign up HERE! Also, don’t forget, KDA is seeking new Board Members and Student Interns– applications are due January 11, 2019.


SHINE for Girls: MATH + DANCE = SUCCESS – Fall 2018
Participants Enrolled in the Program: 25 
Volunteers Assisted withe the Program: 10 

SHINE for Girls (SHINE) provides innovative, curriculum-based after-school programming for middle school girls. Utilizing kinesthetic learning, SHINE combines formal dance training with rigorous math instruction to improve girls’ math scores and spark their interest in STEM. SHINE covers national math standards from 6-8th grade, while improving overall girls’ confidence and attitudes towards math, resulting in higher test scores and participation in classes.

To date, Kern Dance Alliance has graduated a total of 132 SHINE Girls and Mentors.  As the only branch in California and on the West Coast, KDA is proud to offer the SHINE program free of charge to all participants thanks to the generous funding of sponsors and private donations including Chevron, Junior League of Bakersfield, The Women’s and Girls’ Fund of Kern County/Kern Community Foundation, Cynthia Lake Charitable Trust, Robert Grimm Family Foundation, Bakersfield Californian Foundation, Sean and Jennifer Maguire, and Garces Memorial High School. 

SHINE is an 8 week program that ran on Saturdays from 10:00-12:30, September 8 – October 27, 2018. 

Fall 2018 marked the first session where a SHINE Mentor was previously a SHINE girl- proving the pipeline of the program.  Through the continuity of the program and the 3-levels of mentorship, girls can enter the program in middle-school and stay in the SHINE pipeline all the way through their first jobs in STEM by becoming a student, mentor, coordinator, and finally a member of the national network of empowered women. By creating a pipeline of women in STEM across the country, SHINE hopes to increase the number of women in STEM by 1% in the next decade.


Fall 2018: September 8-October 27
Fall served 25 girls and 10 mentors

Session results according to SHINE pre/posttest results:

80% of girls feel more confident both IN and OUT of math class
100% of girls feel proud of what the accomplished during the program

Apart from measurable results, KDA has learned the greatest from SHINE girl + mentor testimonials at the culmination of each session:  

I received my first A on a math test- EVER!!  I am so excited.  If it weren’t for SHINE, I would have never been so successful in my math class. – SHINE Girl 

I find that every time I do shine, even though I am here to teach the girls, I find them teaching me as well. I have learned to be more patient and inclusive with everyone and that it is more important to have fun and enjoy what you are doing and work hard. My interest in carrying on with dance has heightened I would love to study it as a minor in college and continue with classes! I absolutely love my shine girls and with that this group could stay longer! Francesa Beccari, MENTOR

I absolutely love being a SHINE mentor. To reach out to young girls, boost their confidence, and encourage them to pursue STEM carriers. Also being able to accomplish this with the help of dance, I just love it! Every Saturday I’m excited to go to SHINE and see all of the girls smiling faces. Another thing I always look forward to is the tutoring session. When tutoring the girls, I often see that moment when the concept just clicks and I can tell that they understand. Given the opportunity this year to choreograph the SHINE dance with Hannah, I learned that I like to choreograph. I always knew that I liked to teach others but I never truly considered doing choreography. It was fun being able to teach the dance and tutor my six girls. I definitely felt like I developed a bond with my SHINE girls. I would try to ask them a different random question each week and I would made up silly ways to remember math concepts. As for my interests in STEM, teaching, dance, and arts; I realized that I want to reach out to more girls. Girls at my high school, girls at my sisters school, girls at my old junior high. I want to empower young girls to pursue their dreams and not sell themselves short. I think that more girls should be exposed to STEM and to the idea that girls can do anything a guy can do. – Victoria McFarland, MENTOR

Over the eight weeks we have been working with the girls, they have each blossomed in their own way. Many would stay distanced from others or silent, but gradually became more social and playful with each other. Their growth in their confidence is even evident in their participation during the tutoring sessions, such as when they had started asking more questions without hesitation when they were confused. From the first week’s test and tutoring to the last week’s post-test, my girls started looking at problems from a different perspective and had a completely different attitude towards the tests. I was incredibly proud when we noticed their improvements over the course of the program; it felt so rewarding.

Personally, this program has led me to consider other professions I would not have otherwise, including teaching STEM subjects. I had always assumed that I am a poor teacher and struggle to explain concepts, but tutoring these open-minded girls have allowed me to find confidence in my abilities. I honestly was not expecting this, but my confidence has increased as well. The girls were encouraging and I can tell that I have made a difference.

Honestly, I will miss my girls after this final week. I have developed a connection with them and I truly hope they succeed in what they do. Every session, they will have random little conversations with me about a new joke they came up with or something cool they did in one of the activities. – Jessica Wollesen, MENTOR

Books in Motion: DANCE + LITERACY

Books in Motion: DANCE + LITERACY- June 1-August 1, 2018

Books in Motion: DANCE + LITERACY links dance and literacy by focusing on Common Core Standards for Reading Literature for children, K-3rd. In collaboration with the Kern County Library, Kern Literacy Council, and Barnes & Noble (Bakersfield, CA), families had the opportunity to visit Kern County library branches and watch a dance performance based upon a well-known children’s book. Post-performance, children engaged in kinesis by learning choreography and created a craft that coincides with the book’s theme. At the culmination of the session, children were divided into groups based upon age/level and posed questions to evaluate their comprehension. Lastly, children were able to take their own copy of the book home. Books in Motion was offered for FREE to all participants. Books in Motion performances ran June 1 -August 1, 2018.

Kern County dance organizations; Dancer’s Turnout Academy of Dance, Downtown Dance Arts Center, Ev-leen’s Dance Studio, Mallory Academy of Dance, Mojave Movement Arts Center, Spotlight Dance Academy applied to be the official Books in Motion performers. Dance organizations were responsible for choosing a story from the Books in Motion bibliography, creating a performance reflecting the story, and choreographing a 1 to 2-minute dance that relates to the story to teach the participating children.

Books in Motion was generously sponsored by the Bakersfield Californian Foundation, Arts Council of Kern, Chevron, Terra-Gen, and the Cynthia Lake Charitable Trust. 


KDA received 326 completed assessments- 99% reported that they would like to attend Books in Motion again. 

866 Children + Families Reached
367 FREE Books Provided
43 Dancers
21 Performances

14 Library Branch Performance Locations 

1 Barnes and Noble Performance Location

K-1st Grade “Where the Wild Things Are”- 72% assessment questions correct 

K-1st Grade “Dino Dancing”- 66% assessment questions correct
K-1st Grade “Giraffe’s Can’t Dance”- 50% assessment questions correct
K-1st Grade “Kitchen Dance”- 64% assessment questions correct 

K-1st Grade “The Lion and the Mouse”- 100% assessment questions correct 

2nd—3rd Grade “Where the Wild Things Are” – 97% evaluation questions correct 

2nd—3rd Grade “Dino Dancing” – 98% assessment questions correct
2nd—3rd Grade “Giraffe’s Can’t Dance”- 77% assessment questions correct 

2nd—3rd Grade “Kitchen Dance”- 59% assessment questions correct 

2nd—3rd Grade “The Lion and the Mouse”- 99% assessment questions correct 

4th Annual Children’s Dance Education and Outreach event at the Fox Theater

Children’s Dance Education and Outreach Event – November 14, 2018

KDA was pleased to host the fourth annual Children’s Dance Education and Outreach Event at the Fox Theater on November 14, 2018.   Generous support from the Arts Council of Kern, Chevron, Stria, Fox Theater Foundation, Grimmway Farms, Western Graphics, and Sub Station Downtown provided KDA with the opportunity to create an afternoon of smiles and joy for all that participated in the event!

  • 108 children from the Boys and Girls Club, CASA, Bakersfield Homeless Center, Jamison Center, and Garden Pathways attended an exciting afternoon of dance at the Fox
  • Over 70 dancers from all over Kern County performed and taught the children to dance 
  • 40 volunteers participated in the event
  • Children participated in a live dance performance by several Kern dance companies (Experience Dance, Spotlight Dance Academy, Ballet Folklorico Ihtotiani de Shafter, Dancer’s Turnout Academy, Bakersfield City Ballet, Mallory Academy of Dance, Brooke Jordan, Andrew Rosales, SHINE for Girls: MATH + DANCE= SUCCESS, and ADAPTIdance: DANCE + DISABILITY)
  • Children learned about the history of the Fox (Fox Theater Manager, Matt Spindler, gave a kid-friendly history)
  • Children participated in a dance class and learned choreography
  • Children then performed the choreography on the famous Fox stage
  • Children participated in a Q/A session with the dancers 
  • KDA offered scholarships to the children for an entire year of dance training at a dance studio of their choice
  • Children were treated to snacks donated by Grimmway Farms and were given commemorative Children’s Dance Education + Outreach shirts donated by Western Graphics 
  • Lunch for the performers and volunteers was partially donated by Sub Station Downtown


MemoryMOVES: DANCE + THERAPY- Spring 2018 

Participants Enrolled in Program: 35

MEMORY Moves was a 7-week pilot dance therapy program working with the Alzheimers and Dementia population at ADAKC. The program utilized a Dance/Movement Therapist (DMT) to work with 35 enrolled participants split into four separate groups over 7 weeks. Groups met over Mondays and Tuesdays from 9:30-10:30 and 11:00-12:00pm (April 9-May 22), with two groups meeting each day. Groups were determined based on level of functioning with help from ADAKC staff who were familiar with the clientele. Groups ranged from fairly high functioning, where participants were more ambulatory and had retained higher cognitive functioning, to lower functioning, where the majority of participants used wheelchairs, and were in more advanced stages of Alzheimers and dementia.

MemoryMOVES was generously funded by Chevron, Robert Grimm Family Foundation, Cynthia Lake Charitable Trust,  Kaiser Permanente, Homewood Suites, and Dignity Health. 


Over 7 weeks:

  • 100% of clients displayed noticeable mitigation of symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s and/or dementia. Improvements included wider range of mobility, increased memory recall, decrease in agitation and confusion, and brighter affect. 
  • 100% of clients demonstrated increased range of motion.
  • All 4 groups experienced higher levels of group cohesion over the 7 week program, measured in lower levels of agitation on entering group, and heightened levels of interaction between participants. 
  • 60% of clients who were initially resistant to joining groups eventually became engaged and participated willingly.

Clients Reported…

  • Several higher-functioning clients reported looking forward to dance therapy group every week.
  • Many clients reported that dancing and moving “felt good” and that it was something that they needed in their daily routine.

Anecdotes of Note

  • During one group, a participant who uses a wheelchair, and has low cognitive functioning as evidenced by lack of short-term memory recall (did not know the therapist’s name or any details pertaining to date, time, place, etc) and frequent “word salad” (inability to form coherent sentences) started to describe something we had done in a past group. Her words were jumbled, but she described something that sounded similar to a prop that the therapist had used in a previous group. The therapist introduced the prop once again and the individual instantly said “Yes! That’s it!” Throughout the 7 weeks, this was her only instance of demonstrating memory recall.
  • After the program had ended, the therapist was talking to participants in the common area. She talked to one participant who is very low-functioning to the point of not remembering her own name. In a seemingly lucid moment, she looked at the therapist in the eye and said “it’s been a good 2 months.” 
  • When talking to one of the spouses of a participant, the therapist was asked if the participant engaged in group. This particular individual was always very engaged in group, and would sing and dance every session. The spouse was surprised and happy, because at home, she said it was very hard to encourage this participant to get out of his chair where he usually watches TV all day.



Participants Enrolled in the Program: 45 

Volunteers Assisted withe the Program: 47 

KDA and the League of Dreams offered the 2nd annual ADAPTidance program, an adaptive dance experience for people with physical and developmental disabilities, on Saturdays- October 6-November 10, 2018. ADAPTIdance participants learned inclusive, creative dance that is accessible and adaptable for movers with and without physical and developmental disabilities. The program culminated with a performance at the historic Bakersfield Fox Theater. 

ADAPTIdance was taught by dance educator, Sakina Hansford, who was trained by the world’s leading dance + disability dance company, AXIS Dance Company. 11 dance Interns from dance studios across Kern County assisted in also teaching the classes. ADAPTIdance served 45 dancers with cognitive and developmental disables. 

The goals that were obtained during ADAPTIdance were 1.) To provide access to creative movement and dance training for all students regardless of disability, income level, or prior dance experience 2). To provide a forum for physical activity that is a model for kids of all abilities to collaborate as equals while developing skills in cooperation and a respect for self and others; 3.) To educate about disability, collaboration, and inclusion through the medium of dance and the presentation of positive role models and images of people with disabilities. 

ADAPTIdance is the only dance and disability program available for people with disabilities in Kern County and was made possible through generous support from Chevron, Chain Cohen and Stiles, Virginia and Alfred Harrell Foundation, Robert Grimm Family Foundation, Cynthia Lake Charitable Trust, CARE, and Garces Memorial High School. 

Master Class Series: ARTS + MENTORING

Master Class Series: ARTS + MENTORING – Spring 2018

Kern Dance Alliance (KDA), in partnership with Garden Pathways, continued arts mentoring services for at-risk youth through the Master Class Series: ARTS + MENTORING. The classes provided opportunities for artistic, educational, and personal development as young artists were mentored by arts industry professionals.

The classes focused on professional dance artists and the trends they are setting in the international field of dance.   Guest artists represented different dance disciplines: Contemporary Modern and Jazz. Three elements were featured: master classes, mentor session, and a Q&A/discussion with dancer’s families and an invited audience. 

The Master Class Series was generously supported by Chevron, Stria, Arts Council of Kern, Padre Hotel, and Garces Memorial High School.  

February 4 


Emily Schoen – Director/ Choreographer of Schoen Movement Company, Dancer for Keigwin + Company

Emily Schoen has received the Gibney Dance boo-koo grant for emerging artist in NYC, a Princess Grace Choreography Fellowship nomination by METdance in Houston, and was called “Top 25 to Watch” by Dance Magazine. She has danced for Kyle Abraham/Abraham.In.Motion, Nejla Yatkin, the Metropolitan Opera in works by Doug Varone and Mark Morris, the 50th Anniversary Rolling Stones Reunion Tour, and has been with Keigwin + Company since 2011. Her own group, Schoen Movement Company, has been presented at Jacob’s Pillow Inside/Out, Joe’s Pub, and recently at the Tunisian National Theater in Tunis, Tunisia with the support of DanceMotion/USA, the US Embassy in Tunis, and American Dance Abroad. SMC has also produced Happy Hour dance shows in breweries, and the mini dance film series “Ten Tiny Dances” which is viewable online. She sets work on companies and universities throughout the United States. She graduated from the University of Arizona with her BFA in Dance and BS in Nutritional Sciences and is a proud Wisconsinite!

11 dancers participated in the master class taught by Emily Schoen. 

April 22


Saleemah E. Knight- Professor or Dance, USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance

Saleemah E. Knight is an internationally recognized interdisciplinary artist in the concert and commercial dance realms, a Professor of Jazz Dance and lecturer at the highly acclaimed USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance. Saleemah holds a Master of Fine Arts in dance from the University of California, Irvine and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Arizona School of Dance. Her training in dance technique stems from reputable concert dance companies such as: Gus Giordano Chicago, Dayton Contemporary Dance Company and River North Chicago. As a performer Saleemah has been a featured dancer in Disney’s world renowned production, The Lion King Broadway Musical and has also danced alongside prominent icons such as Beyoncé, Chris Brown, Jillian Michaels, Jamie Foxx, Ludacris, Tyrese and many more! At the university level, Saleemah specializes in the areas of Jazz and Modern dance technique, as well as theory courses on “World Perspectives on Dance”, “Choreography for the Camera” and “Dance in Popular Culture”. Learn more about Saleemah by visiting

19 dancers participated in the master class taught by Saleemah E. Knight. 


Master Class evaluation took place through a variety of methodologies: student journals, discussion/Q&A, and a video assessment. 

  1. Journals provided a assessment of the students’ journey.  Students were directed to write about their kinetic response to learning differing dance pedagogical theories and how this process will aid them in their future dance career.  Students were also directed to write about their physical and emotional response to the class. 
  2. Discussion and Q&A created a “round-table” that allowed students to address questions and concerns regarding learning a new movement vocabulary in a group setting.  This provided the guest artist and KDA with an insight into the adaptation of material.  
  3. Video assessment is key to any dance assessment.  Students were filmed performing new skills.  Students were able to physically see the journey they were been on by watching the film and comparing the beginning of the class to the end.  Skills that were learnt in the beginning of the class appeared rough and difficult, however; the same skill performed on at the end of the class showed ease and understanding of fundamental movement concepts.   

National Honors Society for Dance Arts Induction Ceremony- April 15, 2018

KDA celebrated our first class and first inductees into the National Honor Society for Dance Arts – NHSDA / Kern Dance Alliance Secondary Chapter. Congratulations to Bakersfield High School Senior, Natalie Lovan, and Liberty High School Senior, Paityn Boyt, on their acceptance into the USA’s most prestigious honors society for dancers who excel in artistry, leadership, and academic achievements.  NHSDA inductees received their honors cords and pins, as well as a NHSDA plaque during the luncheon at Stockdale Country Club on April 15, 2018. 

To date, KDA has received over a dozen applications from Kern County dancers seeking induction into the National Honors Society for Dance Arts.  As the only NHSDA Chapter in Central California, KDA looks forward to inducting more high school students in the future.

SEASON PREVIEW PARTY – January 28, 2018

KDA announced our 2018 season on January 28, 2018 at 12:30 PM at the Bakersfield Country Club. The afternoon featured guest speaker, Mayor Karen Goh, talking about “The Arts in Kern County”, as well as live music, appetizers, and drinks. The event was open and free to the public. 150 attended the event. 

Ford Dimension Dream Builders Program- S.T.E.P. – Senior Targeted Exercise Program – February 8, 2018

KDA was proud to partner with Team Bank of the Sierra of the Ford Dimension Dream Builders Program on their project, S.T.E.P., a Senior Targeted Exercise Program focused on reducing muscle degenerative diseases. The workshop was presented by specialists who demonstrated and spoke on physical therapy exercises, Dance/Movement Therapy, nutritional and mental health aspects to promote healthy and active lifestyles. The event was free and open to the public. 

KDA was honored to receive a $250 donation from the Ford Dimension Dream Builders Program for our assistance to the S.T.E.P. program. 

BEHIND THE SCENES: The Joffrey Ballet Romeo and Juliet- March 9, 2018

KDA sent two KDA Members + guests to go behind the scenes of the Joffrey Ballet’s “Romeo and Juliet” by attending the technical/dress rehearsal at the Music Center on March 8, 2018.  Two weeks prior to the event, KDA hosted an online “Romeo and Juliet” trivia contest via our social media platforms.  Several KDA members participated; however; KDA Members Jennifer Cox and Vanessa Rodriguez, won the competition!  Those not selected as winners received a consolation prize.


The Fox Theater Bakersfield featured “Singin’ in the Rain” on April 23 and invited KDA President, Andrea Hansen, to provide a pre-show talk about American dance icon, Gene Kelly.  Andrea provided information about Kelly and his life as a dancer to over 250 attendees.  KDA members were invited to attend the show for free.

GIVE BIG KERN- May 1, 2018

KDA raised $1650 during GIVE BIG KERN on May 2, 2018!! KDA hosted a 24 hour social media campaign highlighting the 12 reasons donors should give to KDA. BRAVO to all that donated, liked, clicked, and shared – we are humbled by your bighearted ways!!


KDA invited guests to EAT, DRINK, and DANCE under the stars at one of Kern County’s most treasured historic hotels, The Padre Hotel.  The event featured celebrity dancer, actress, and singer, Heather Morris, best known for her role as Brittney S. Pierce on the Fox musical-comedy series GLEE and Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) Season 24. Guests took a dance class with Heather Morris and her partner from Dancing with the Stars, KC Monnie, ate delicious appetizers, drank fine crafted cocktails, and enjoyed a mini performance and Q&A with Heather and KC on the Padre Hotel’s 2nd floor patio, Prairie Fire. Over 65 guests attended and were delighted to buy the ChaCha Shake for a $25 donation to KDA.  Guests continued to dance the night away until 10:00 with a live DJ and bar service. 

Art After Dark: MUSEUM DANCES- May 31, 2018

Art After Dark: MUSUEM DANCES was presented by Bakersfield Museum of Art and Kern Dance Alliance on Thursday, May 31, 2018 from 7-9 pm at the Bakersfield Museum of Art- $5 General Admission/FREE Members/FREE Students with valid ID. Guests were invited to grab a drink and enjoy BMoA’s newly installed Summer Exhibitions and experience a series of dance performances by local and regional dancers inspired by artist Charles Arnoldi’s exhibition. 11 performances ranging from hip hop to contemporary made up the evening, including a performance by KDA President, Andrea Hansen, and KDA Past Board Member, Andrea Chesley. 120 total guests attended and indicated the event felt like “something out of Los Angeles”! 

Beautiful Bakersfield Awards- June 2, 2018

KDA was nominated for a second “Arts and Culture” Award at the Beautiful Bakersfield Awards on June 2, 2018.  The nomination was on behalf of ADAPTIdance: DANCE + DISABILITY.  While KDA did not receive the award, the recognition as a contender in the category was truly an honor!


KDA hosted Kern County’s first official National Dance Day celebration on July 28 at Garces Memorial High School. 10 hours. 10 dance classes. $2 a class.  Classes were taught by Kern County dance educators and the classes ranged from Zumba, Contemporary, Pole Dance, Country Line Dance, and Dance for Disabilities.  All classes were very full, with several of the classes selling out prior to the event.  KDA received excellent coverage from the press and were very happy with the turnout from the day’s activities.  All online registrations received free KDA swag, doughnuts and popsicles were provided throughout the day, as well as raffle prizes and a grand raffle! Nearly 260 dancers participated in NDD 2018. It was a terrific celebration of dance and we look forward to 2019.

Boys and Girls Clubs of Kern County- Farm to Table(aux)- October 5, 2018

KDA provided the on stage “Shadow Dance” entertainment for the 3rd Annual “Farm to Table(aux)” fundraiser benefiting the Boys and Girls Clubs of Kern County on October 5th 2018. With support from Dignity Health, KDA was thrilled to add to the event’s exuberant theme of “Andy Warhol.” Over 530 guests enjoyed a tableaux performance by Bakersfield City Ballet. The Boys and Girls Clubs of Kern County serve 7,500 daily.  KDA was honored to assist in their fundraising efforts and applauds the Boys and Girls Clubs of Kern County.

Bakersfield Young Professionals- Downtown Street Party- October 12, 2018

The fourth annual Downtown Street Party benefiting the Bakersfield Young Professionals (BYP) Program was an absolute blast! The event on Oct. 12 drew a crowd of about 250 attendees, who played games, admired paintings from local artists through Kern Creatives, ate, drank and danced the night away in the Wall Street Alley with performers from Kern Dance Alliance (KDA). This year’s event was a huge success, especially with the KDA partnership that brought such a fun and exciting new energy to the party. To see all the fun, check out this video from Lights Camera Action Cinema:


KDA President, Andrea Hansen, taught a ballet open class to dancers at Bakersfield City Ballet on November 10.  Additionally, Andrea took the opportunity to talk and inform the dancers about KDA.

BALLET NOW w/ TILER PECK – December 24, 2018

KDA hosted ballet super star, international celebrity, and Bakersfield native, Tiler Peck, at the The Fox Theater Bakersfield on December 24 at 12:30 for a viewing of Ballet Now.  Mayor Karen Goh and Assemblyman Vince Fong joined the event by participating in a Q&A session while Kern County dancers were encouraged to bring their dance shoes to the autograph signing and come prepared for questions to ask Ms. Peck. Over 200 audience members participated in the event. KDA members were invited to attend the show for free.
Ballet Now provides a rarely seen, unfiltered glimpse into the world of ballet and what it takes to create a one-of-kind dance extravaganza. Featuring New York City Ballet’s Prima Ballerina Tiler Peck – the first ever woman to be asked to curate The Music Center’s famed Ballet NOW program – and a diverse cast of world-class dancers from around the globe, the film follows Tiler as she tries to execute her groundbreaking vision of mashing together the worlds of tap, hip-hop, ballet and even clown artistry. With less than a week to pull it all off, Tiler faces the mounting pressures of not only dancing in multiple pieces, but also producing and directing this high profile event.Following the viewing, Ms. Peck will participate in a Q&A session and an autograph signing. 
“It was a tremendous honor and challenge to be the first woman ever asked to curate the prestigious BalletNow™event at the legendary Los Angeles Music Center for the Glorya Kaufman Dance at The Music Center Program. As curator, I was forced to step outside my normal comfort zone as a ballerina and wear many hats, including that of director.” Tiler Peck
Ballet NOW is directed by Oscar nominated and Emmy award winner, Steve Cantor, and produced by Emmy and Golden Globe winner, Elisabeth Moss. Ballet NOW has been screened at the Nantucket Film Festival, Seattle International Film Festival and launched on Hulu in July 2018. Ballet NOW is made possible by Vulcan Productions and Stick Figure Studios.

Erica Lynn

I am incredibly thankful to the Kern Dance Alliance board members for allowing me to be their 2018 Student Intern. This internship has been an incredible opportunity for me to experience the thrill of giving back to a community that I love so dearly, through an art that has played such a significant role in my own life. I am so proud to have been a part of an organization that provides so many moving programs. Being a part of this board provided a space for me to vocalize my passion for dance and the positive impact it can have. I truly thank the KDA team for making a continuous effort to ensure that my voice was heard. They taught me that you truly can make a difference if you are passionate about your cause. I learned something special from each and every member of the board. Moving forward, I can only hope that I make a difference in this world the way that these 9 amazing individuals are, here in Bakersfield. Thank you KDA for a wonderful year to remember. -Erica Lynn, 2018 KDA Student Intern


Whether you are a dancer, studio owner or arts connoisseur, KDA is here for you.

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  • HOW TO DONATE:  Want to help KDA programming like the dance education and outreach program at The Fox Theater this fall?  In November, KDA will host performance and dance classes  for underprivileged children in partnership with Garden Pathways, The Boys and Girls Club and Bakersfield Homeless Center.  Donate here or email us if you’d like to personally get involved!
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