Individuals who study the artistic processes in dance become part of the Imagine Nation of the USA. They are catalysts for innovation, engagement, collaboration, respect and tolerance— values that will shape our 21st century society, global economy, and world cultures.



DANCE COMMUNITY ALLIANCE: The Kern dance community is in need of an inclusive dance organization that provides dance students and professionals with the opportunity to connect with fellow artists. KDA is an autonomous organization with the sole purpose of strengthening the dance community of Kern County.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT for TEACHERS: KDA recognizes that our community’s dance programs would not exist if not for the passion and dedication of our local dance teachers.  To support Kern County instructors, KDA provides dance teachers with high-quality professional development opportunities such as workshops, presentations of research, performances, networking, and advocacy opportunities.

DANCE PROGRAMS: Due to funding cuts that have negatively impacted arts education programs, many schools in the Kern County area cannot meet state and federal arts education mandates without the help of nonprofit arts organizations. KDA seeks to bridge the gap between education and the arts. The opportunity to attend a live performance in a professional venue has the potential to enrich and transform lives, and is an important component of the educational experience. Additionally, participating in arts-based curriculum, particularly dance, promotes cognitive acuity, loco and socio motor development, cultural tolerance, confidence building, and an active living lifestyle. KDA Dance Programs are designed to meet specific community needs and complement classroom teaching requirements, bringing literature and world cultures alive on stage in a way that can never be achieved in the classroom.

SCHOLARSHIPS/GRANTS for STUDENTS and PROFESSIONALS: The costs associated with a proper dance education can often be daunting, particularly those from lower income families. KDA awards scholarships to needs-based students, which provides them with a learning experience they will carry with them for a lifetime. Dancers often need monetary support to create professional dance programs. Providing grants to aspiring and professional dance artists to create performances, collaborations, and dance events will enhance our dance community, as well as the overall arts and culture scene of Kern County.