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8 Weeks: Saturdays, 10:00-12:30

| September 8-October 27

KDA Dance Studio @ Garces Memorial High School





Applications Open August 1
Mentor Application Deadline August 17
Student Application Deadline August 31
Mentor Training September 4






SHINE is a nationally recognized, innovative, curriculum-based, after-school program for middle school girls. Utilizing kinesthetic learning, SHINE combines formal dance training with rigorous math instruction to improve girls’ math scores and spark their interest in STEM.

MATH+DANCE=SUCCESS covers national math standards from 6th-8th grade, while improving overall girls’ confidence and attitudes towards math through a positive feedback loop, resulting in higher test scores and participation in classes.

SHINE girls have seen 100% improvement in math scores and confidence as measured by pre/post tests and surveys across several programs in numerous states. SHINE has received positive feedback from national media including CNN, CBS, Fox, the Boston Globe—and most importantly from the girls, parents, and teachers. Short-term objectives of empowering 6th-8th grade female students with both the confidence and mathematics skills to embrace math leads into the long-term goal of creating a pipeline of next-generation leaders in STEM fields. SHINE is currently taught in Washington DC, Chicago, and Boston- BAKERSFIELD IS THE FIRST city in California and on the West Coast to offer SHINE via a partnership with KDA.

upporting local youth in education pursuits
Harnessing self-esteem and confidence on stage and in the classroom
Inspiring young women to pursue STEM fields
Nurturing a love of mathematics
Empowering women across America



Each session of SHINE serves 25 girls and 5 mentors.  An online application is required for SHINE girls and mentors. SHINE National Branch Staff Members review applications and offer acceptance based upon applications.  Girls not able to join the current session of SHINE will be offered a place in a future SHINE session.


SHINE girls are 6th-8th grade girls interested in improving math scores, developing confidence, learning about STEM careers, and participating in a program that empowers women.


SHINE mentors are local high school or college women who have qualified based on their math background, tutoring experience, dance experience, attitude and enthusiasm, and the results of a background check. The mentor training involves a customized online certification system along with a half-day mentor training session.

Mentors receive:

  • Training in working with young girls and teaching math and dance
  • The opportunity to give back to their local communities and advocate for women in STEM
  • Hands-on experience in the service sector
  • Leadership opportunities at a young age
  • A space to enhance their own skills through teaching and channel their own creativity
  • Access to a national network of women in STEM
  • The possibility of pursuing multi-faceted SHINE for Girls work through our quickly growing national nonprofit during the summers
  • Recommendations and referrals for internships, colleges, and graduate schools

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Every middle school teacher has had a girl in a math class say, “I can’t.” SHINE turns the “I can’t” around by creating an environment in which girls not only realize that they can, but that they want to. SHINE consistently improves girls’ math scores and sparks their interest in mathematics.

Utilizing kinesthetic learning, movement and action replaces more passive forms of learning, such as listening to a lecture. We have all forgotten facts once memorized in a classroom, but we seem to be able to remember dance moves we once learned. By connecting the different ways in which we learn, SHINE enables effective understanding and retention of information in addition to imbuing abstract mathematical concepts with a physical meaning.

For example, SHINE introduces algebra through choreography: girls can create a simple dance of three twirls followed by a jump and will write down 3x + y where x = twirl, y = jump. Through dancing, girls realize that 3(x+y) = 3x + y + 2y. Before they say “I can’t do algebra,” they already have. This begins the positive feedback loop of girls believing in themselves, and their confidence stems from knowing they have the ability to succeed.

SHINE’s proprietary curriculum has been honed over several years and has provided consistent reproducible results.

SHINE provides girls with the opportunity to become engaged in STEM and assume leadership. Women in high school and college lead the 8 week sessions and also benefit from the experience by engaging in a network of women in STEM.


The innovative and proprietary SHINE curriculum features 3 different levels and covers the following topics: 1) Arithmetic and Order of Operations 2) Fractions, Decimals & 3) Pre-algebra 4) Coordinate Geometry 5) Planar Geometry 6) Probability and Statistics 7) Advanced Word ProblemsA typical day in the SHINE for Girls program will include:

  • Snacks and Bonding – SHINE mentors check in with their girls every week. Mentors review any homework and challenge problems from the previous week.
  • Kinesthetic Learning Activities – Each week a new math topic is introduced through kinesthetic learning- based activities. These activities are designed to teach the concepts in a new way and excite the girls about the material.
  • Dance – Girls learn dance in a formal setting from an experienced dancer. They will learn a dancer’s warm up and stretching routine, practice technical dance exercises, and rehearse choreography that will be performed in the final recital. Attitude, confidence, teamwork, and dedication will be emphasized.
  • Small Group Tutoring – Students join their mentors to review customized math problems corresponding to their curriculum level and the weekly topic. Girls are encouraged to work together, support one another, and lead the group through problems.
  • Final Day of SHINE– Girls perform choreography in front of family, friends, teachers, complete with costumes, awards, and snacks. Parents and teachers will have the opportunity to speak with their child’s mentor about their child’s progress.  SHINE National Team provides detailed summaries of progress (weakest/ strongest subject, areas that are most/ least improved, general feedback) when requested from teachers or parents



SHINE is FREE to all participants and is made possible by generous donations from our community. You can help others to SHINE:

  • $100 affords snacks and water for one SHINE session
  • $175 affords one SHINE tuition
  • $250 affords one SHINE Curriculum
  • $875 affords five SHINE tuitions
  • $3,650 affords one SHINE sessions
  • $14,600 affords an entire year (four sessions) of SHINE value-prop-03



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Jessica Reyes

Jessica Reyes is a full-time student at California State University of Bakersfield majoring in Mathematics. She is a student researcher for CREST (Center for Research Excellence in Science and Technology). Her career goal is to become a math teacher at the high school level. Jessica’s passion for performing arts stems from her experiences in Colorguard. She has been both a member and coach of several Colorguard programs, in Bakersfield, CA, including Intensity Independent, for a combined total of 13 years. She was a SHINE Mentor in the Spring of 2016 and will serve as the Lead Mentor in the Bakersfield program for the 2016-2017 school year. She is excited to share her love for math education and performing arts with students.

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