Kern Dance Alliance was founded to advocate for the variety of dance organizations in Kern County; whether they are private studios, school programs or organizations that promote traditional cultural dance. KDA is an autonomous organization that supports all dancers and provides four types of resources: a dance community alliance, professional development for teachers, professional performances and master classes, and scholarships and grants for students and professionals.

Kern Dance Alliance aims to nurture and strengthen the existing dance community in Kern County.  KDA provides a place, both on-line and in-person where dancers and organizations can learn from one another, widen their professional and cultural experiences, and evolve as both individuals and groups.


Kern Dance Alliance is a non-profit dance alliance dedicated to the promotion of high quality educational and cultural needs of the dance community by providing resources and services that are related to the field of dance.


Kern Dance Alliance seeks to become the premier advocacy organization of the Kern County dance community by providing a network of information, access to programs that focus on professional and cultural experiences, and monetary resources.


Kern Dance Alliance shall consist four pillars: Dance Community Alliance, Professional Development for Teachers, Professional Master Classes/Performances, and Scholarship/Grants.

  • DANCE COMMUNITY ALLIANCE: KDA provides a network coalition by disseminating information about events, news, tips, articles, and advocacy to the Kern County dance community.
  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT for TEACHERS: KDA is committed to providing educators with critical tools and programs that enable them to provide quality dance education for their students.
  • PROFESSIONAL PERFORMANCES/MASTER CLASSES: Professional Master Classes and Performances allows students from the entire Kern County area to attend a diverse selection of high-quality, professional dance master classes and performances by some of the best national and international artists.
  • SCHOLARSHIPS/GRANTS: Scholarships are provided to dance students to attend regular dance instruction, summer dance instruction, workshops or conservatory dance instruction. Grants are provided to project-based dance programs.